Joy To The World Nativity

Joy To The World Nativity

The Guardian

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This miniature sculpture embodies the innocence and vulnerability of every child of God and how we must be there to shelter and protect them. This solid resin-stone cast is left in its natural Carrara white colour and is mounted on a solid matt black base.

Sculpture by renowned Canadian Sculptor, Timothy Schmalz
Resin-stone cast is left in its natural Carrara white colour
Dimension: H178 x W102 x D153 (mm)

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GQPL Collection's latest collection of small replicas from internationally acclaimed Canadian artist, Timothy P. Schmalz features ‘Mother Mary’, 'Joy To The World Nativity', 'The Guardian', and many more.

As a believer of Art and Christianity, Timothy aspires to produce artworks that would "contribute to the world". He sees art as a means of reaching out to the society, provoking minds and encouraging reflection on one's life. He believes art has the ability to change people's minds.

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Label Out Of Stock
Occasion Christmas
Product Type Figurine
Unit Of Measure Pieces
Special Effects By GQPL
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