$10,000 Queen Elizabth II 1g Fine Gold Foil Replica

$10,000 Queen Elizabth II 1g Fine Gold Foil Replica

Straits Settlements Mini Replica Coins Letter Opener

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A variety of currencies were used in Singapore during different periods in history.

The Straits Dollar was one of the first official set of currency that was issued by the Board of Commissioners of Currency to be used in Singapore.

This letter opener fuses past and present Singapore into one - with the mini Straits Settlement coin replicas representing the past, and the Merlion representing the present.

*Each letter opener may hold 2 or 3 different mini replica coins from the Straits Settlements.

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Occasion National Day
Product Type Accessories
Material Plastic
Dimensions 185 x 30 x 10 mm (L x B x T)
Unit Of Measure Pieces
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