-------- Singapore Currency Souvenirs --------

   --------   Singapore Currency Souvenirs   --------

Issuance from end November 2022 onwards

The Singapore Mint proudly presents the Singapore $1,000 Currency Design Souvenirs featuring the $1,000 Orchid, Bird, Ship & Portrait Series currency designs in precious metals. Singapore had discontinued the issuance of the $1,000 banknote, hence these exquisite currency souvenirs are true collectors’ items not to be missed!

These currency design souvenirs:

  • contain the word “SPECIMEN” in black and bold lettering diagonally across the souvenirs
  • are not more than 60% of both the length and width of the genuine note
  • feature only one side of the note design


The collection/ delivery period may be staggered over an extended period of time in the event of an overwhelming response.


Limited stocks of Singapore $10,000 Currency Design Souvenirs issued earlier available.




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