Be the First to Give Her Gold

Be the First to Give Her Gold

Be the first to give her gold

It is often easy for us to overlook the blessings we have in life. When I was little, I remember clinging to my parents before my first day at preschool, scared of having to leave their side. To distract me, Pa showed me a lunar coin he had bought for me when I was born.

Thinking it might be a chocolate coin, I bit into it only to discover that it was hard. Pa laughed and promised to buy me some real chocolates later. I immediately cheered up and smiled at him.

I’ll soon be setting off on my own path, going overseas to pursue my degree in Child Psychology. It is only now that I fully realise what the coin means, a blessing that I’ll treasure with me through life. While Pa and Ma won’t be by my side holding my hands when I’m abroad, the coin will be with me, a reminder of my family back home. They’ll always be there for me. After all, I’ll always be first place in their eyes.



当时老爸就想出一套哄我上学的办法。我记得他从裤袋中掏出一枚闪闪发亮的金币放在我眼前。一看到金币,我以为里边是包着巧克力的,于是马上从老爸手中夺过后便往嘴里塞。看着我贪吃的模样,爸爸乐得笑开了怀。 “傻孩子,这是你出生那年我特别购买的纪念币,是不能吃的。放学后爸爸再买巧克力给你吃.” 爸爸这一招果然奏效,它让我消除了对陌生环境的恐惧,也让我从此乖乖上学去了。


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