Pigsy (Zhu Ba Jie) 20gm Fine Silver Medallion

Pigsy (Zhu Ba Jie) 20gm Fine Silver Medallion

Zodiac Boar Liuli Charm

Zodiac Boar Liuli Charm

Pigsy (Zhu Ba Jie) 50mm Tri-Metal Medallion

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Pigsy, also known as Zhu Ba Jie (猪八戒), is a well-known character from the classic chinese novel, Journey to the West (西游记).

Celebrating one of the most popular character loved by many, The Singapore Mint presents the adorable Pigsy, vibrantly colored in a 50mm Tri-Metal medallion.

On the obverse side of the medallion, a cheery Pigsy is portrayed holding on to a plum blossom flower with five petals, dancing gleefully amongst the plum blossom trees. The five petals of the plum blossom signify the five blessings of happiness, good fortune, longevity, success and harmony.

On the reverse side of the medallion features the 12 zodiac animals encircling the Chinese characters "知足常乐" to signify contentment and happiness.

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A unique feature of this medallion is its tri-metal components.

The medallion is made out of 3 different metals, mainly:

  • Gold (Outer Ring)
  • Bronze (Middle Ring)
  • Silver (Inner Ring)
More Information
Weight 70 gm
Label Sale
Occasion Lunar New Year
Product Type Medallion
Diameter 50mm
Year 2019
Unit Of Measure Pieces
Special Effects Tri-metal
Mintage 1000