Taiwan Valentine's Day 1oz 999 Fine Silver Colour Medallion

Taiwan Valentine's Day 1oz 999 Fine Silver Colour Medallion

Taiwan Blossom Series 1oz 999 Fine Silver 4-Medallion Set with Decorative Screen

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This meticulously detailed painting of the Blossom Series 4-Medallion Set Obverse sides was designed and executed by Professor Chang Ker-chi.

The common camellia, also known “Winter Resistant Flower”, is hardy during the winter. The colder the weather, the more beautiful the flower. The common camellia is an aristocratic type of flower, once voted one of the “Chinese Traditional Top Ten Ornamental Flowers” with the reputation of being “a treasure among flowers.”

The chrysanthemum remains in bloom even after a frost, which is a sign of autumn. The uses of the chrysanthemum cover a wide range, and it has a long history of commercial cultivation. The medallion features the vibrant red chrysanthemum blossoms, expressive of passion and showcases their beauty.

The lotus, is in full bloom during the months of summer. The lotus is symbolic of auspiciousness, nobility, and holiness. While growing from the mud, the lotus is untarnished. The medallion features a light pink lotus blossom with a little blue bird. Together these represent the quiet and gentle beauty of the lotus.

The peony is both elegant and flamboyant. In Chinese culture and history, the peony has both the reputation of being “the king of flowers”, having incomparable colors and heavenly fragrance. The medallion features a pink peony blossom, quietly elegant and warm, expressing the soft beauty of peonies.

The reverse medallion image features the Chinese characters Hua Kai Fu Gui (“blossom, wealth and prestige”) in the center, encircled by a pattern of auspicious Ru Yi Staff that has the power to grant wishes. These, in turn, are encircled by pattern based on the shape of ancient coins to symbolize wealth.

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More Information
Weight 31.1 gm
Country Of Issue Taiwan
Occasion For Him, For Her, Valentine's Day
Product Type Medallion Set
Material 999 Fine Silver
Diameter 4 x 38mm
Year 2020
Unit Of Measure Sets
Mintage 3,000