How much do you know about Chinese New Year customs?

Do you remember sweeping the tombs during QingMing?

The dumplings you eat during Dragonboat Festival - do you know where they came from?

Have you heard the stories of Mid-Autumn Festival?

When Winter Solstice Festival comes, do you eat tangyuan?

In the bilingual book "Time to Celebrate!", children and adults alike will learn about these different festivals and marvel at the adventures of Tongtong as she travels through a year of celebrations!

“Time to Celebrate!” is The Singapore Mint’s initiative to preserve Chinese traditional customs and cultures to pass on to the next generation. Through this book, we hope to engage the young (and old) to be interested in the stories behind the festivals we celebrate. It is also in our hopes that through the stories, we reinforce the importance of family reunion and filial piety.


Join us as we travel through a year of celebrations in this book!

This book is FREE* with minimum purchase of $500 for pre-order purchases made before 31 December 2016 and The Singapore Mint purchases made between 1 to 26 January 2017.

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