Go Green! Box-Return Exercise


Go Green! Box-Return Exercise

Collecting your Singapore 4th Chinese Almanac coins in a set and no longer require the individual coin boxes?

Take $2 off your purchase at our retail shops with every Singapore 4th Chinese Almanac Nickel-Plated Zinc (P001) / 1/4 troy oz 999 Fine Silver (P002) packaging box returned.



零售店归还锌镀镍 (P001) 或1/4金衡安士纯银 (P002) 的包装盒,即可享有$2折扣。





$2 Discount applicable to purchase made at the retail shops, excluding -

• (P529) Prosperity Figurine at Members Allocation Special Price
• (P533/P534) Money Bank at Members Allocation Special Price
• (P908) Lunar Rabbit Red Packets 

Promotion is valid until 31st December 2023.
Promotion is valid at the retail shops only. Not applicable for internet order(s), mail order(s) and roadshow purchase(s).

Terms and conditions apply. The Singapore Mint reserves the final right of decision.



o 以会员分配特惠价购买 (P529) 金兔纳福
o 以会员分配特惠价购买 (P533/P534) 富贵兔扑满
o (P908) 兔年红包封套





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