Here is a video of the Bhutan Lunar Commemorative Coins. Check out the ultra-high relief on both the 2017 Lunar Rooster, and the 2016 Lunar Monkey coins.


The Kingdom of Bhutan proudly issues the inaugural Blessings of Happiness Lunar Coin Collection – The Bhutan Lunar and Attraction series (2016-2027), exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint.

Not only known as one of the happiest country, the Kingdom of Bhutan is also popularly known as the Last Shangri-La of the world. The Kingdom of Bhutan is heavily forested and perched atop of a mountain among the clouds. Home to a stunning natural scenery with an exotic mix of flora and fauna, the Kingdom is also embellished with majestic architectures of Dzongz, Stupas and Monasteries, resulting in a picturesque view from every angle.

The 2017 Bhutan Lunar Rooster Coin features a magnificent rooster, inspired by the idea of a “crowing rooster among the clouds”. The distinctive characteristics of the rooster - a huge and towering crest, puffy neckline, an inflated and forward-thrusting chest, gorgeously raised and curled tail, and a sturdy pair of claws are tastefully reflected.

The 2016 Bhutan Lunar Monkey Coin features an inquisitive monkey. Using bold patterns and elements of floral, leaves and clouds to design the monkey, the mystical qualities of the Kingdom is tastefully reflected. The monkey sits within an auspicious ‘Ruyi’ cloud motif while holding a heavenly peach, symbolizing longevity and abundance.
Minted in ultra-high relief, this lunar series not only brings about blessings of happiness to the receiver, but is a master piece showcasing the innovative minting techniques.

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