2021 Singapore Lunar Ox Gold & Silver 3-Coin Set

2021 Singapore Lunar Ox Gold & Silver 3-Coin Set

Book - Time to Celebrate!

Book - Time to Celebrate!

2021 Singapore Lunar Ox Gold & Silver 5 troy oz 2-Coin Set

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Issue Date: 1st January 2021

This set comprises a 5 troy oz 999.9 Fine Gold Proof Coin and a 5 troy oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin. The coins are positioned to form the auspicious figure '8'.

Coin is not depicted in actual size.
Coin set comes with a serialised certificate of authenticity.
The coins in the sets are part of the mintage for the respective coin types.
The coin will be allocated by balloting if oversubscribed upon order closing.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is proud to present the 2021 Year of the Ox Almanac coins, the fifth issue in the ongoing Singapore Fourth Chinese Almanac Coin Series (2017 – 2028).

The Ox is widely regarded as an animal of determination and diligence. People born in the Year of the Ox often display courage and dependability. With strong faith and willpower, they are able to overcome difficulties and realise their goals.

The 2021 coins feature the Ox against the backdrop of the rustic Coney Island Park, one of Singapore’s ecologically sustainable parks with rich biodiversity. The coins are available in 10 different versions, with four special premium sets comprising various coin combinations. Add these coins to your collection to welcome new beginnings in the Year of the Ox!

新加坡金融管理局隆重推出2021牛年纪念币。这是新加坡第四系列生肖纪念币(2017 – 2028年)的第五个发行。



More Information
Weight 311 gm
Label Out Of Stock
Country Of Issue Singapore
Occasion Lunar New Year
Product Type Proof / Proof-Like Set
Material 999.9 Fine Gold, 999 Fine Silver
Finishing Proof
Diameter 60.00 mm & 65.00 mm
Year 2021
Unit Of Measure Sets
Mintage 50