Straits Settlements Mini Replica Coins Letter Opener

Straits Settlements Mini Replica Coins Letter Opener

Istana Swans 1 oz 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Medallion

Istana Swans 1 oz 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Medallion

2019 National Day Parade Keychain

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The front of the 2019 National Day Parade (NDP) Key Chain features the NDP theme and logo for 2019:

  • NDP theme: "Our Singapore"
  • NDP logo: The logo features the lion and elements of the national flag.
    The lion is symbolic of the name “Singapura”, first given by Sang Nila Utama 700 years ago.
    The crescent moon and five stars, elements of our national flag, are embedded within the logo. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the Singapore flag, when it was first unveiled at the City Hall steps in 1959.
The reverse of the key chain marks the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration.
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Celebrate National Day and own a limited collectible keychain which embodies the spirit of NDP!

Every year, the story of Singapore is ardently presented by performers of the National Day Parade, igniting the spirit of patriotism and celebration of our National Day. An exclusively-designed limited edition National Day Parade keychain featuring the NDP logo for the year is specially created and sponsored by The Singapore Mint, in appreciation of the dedication of performers of the NDP. Limited quantities are available for public to own.

This year, the keychain which features both the NDP and Bicentennial logo, aptly captures the Nation’s celebration spirit of “Our Singapore” for the year! Generously sponsored for the performers of NDP 2019, the Singapore Mint invites you to join us to experience the spirit of celebration with specially granted permission for the public to own this limited edition keychain.     

Make this official NDP collectible yours today!
Start your collection and partake in the celebratory spirit of nation building.

Get your hands on this limited-edition NDP keychain at any of The Singapore Mint retail shops, or online store.

More Information
Occasion National Day
Product Type Accessories
Material Nickel (NI 99.2)
Diameter 32 mm
Year 2019
Unit Of Measure Pieces
Mintage -